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I am a nearly 40-year-old single mom of 4 kids ranging in ages from toddler to just graduated. I am also a teacher of 13 years, a full-time special education teacher teaching emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children.  


Over the years, I have tried my hand selling different things: leggings & clothing, cosmetics, skincare products, and kitchen gadgets, to name a few. I did okay but never hit the potential everyone spoke of. I never built a team. Never ranked-up. I just did what I could as a rep while balancing my family and job. 

When I joined Zyia, I never realized the possibilities being told: "You are not alone." "We will train you." "The possibilities are endless." And "We are still a 'baby company meant nothing to me." It does now. Someone should have told me to buckle up and hang on. Well, someone did, but I did not listen. This journey has taken me to different levels in life and in the company, I never dreamed possible. The people I have met have turned into friends and family. The community of ladies has been uplifting and supportive. The confidence I've gained, even at my size, has been incredible. Financial freedom has allowed me to provide for and support my kids.  


Here's a brief timeline: I joined on April 24, 2020. In May, I signed my first couple of reps. In June, I double-ranked from Rep to Junior Rep to Senior Rep. In July, I double-ranked again from Senior Rep to Director to Senior Director. Then in October, I ranked from Senior Director to Executive, putting me in the top 1% of the company. "Hang-on" is an understatement. Six months is a very short time. One of the best things about Zyia, the statements I was told in the beginning still hold true to our new reps. "You are not alone." "We will train you." "Possibilities are endless." And "We are still a 'baby-company."  


This journey has been inspiring and encouraging, helping me focus on me, my health, and my kids while allowing us to live Our Best Lives.

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What if one opportunity
Could CHange Your Life?

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